Cali Sense versus Competitors

Features and Performance compared

• Certifications and performance:

Most radiators on the market in the UK have a basic CE, the Cali Sense is NF Performance *** + fully compliant with the new UK EcoDesign Lot 20 2018 directive, and accredited to NF Energy Performance Cat C Certification. This is indisputably one of the most stringent quality control certifications in the world and is indisputable evidence of the superior quality and Energy Efficiency of our product compared to all other competitor systems available on the UK market.

NF certification, Mark of compliance, covering aspects such as safety, quality, usage ability and Energy performance. Is based on tangible elements: certification rules that are defined with consumers and businesses, tests, manufacturing plant inspections, customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shoppers, and so on. Even after obtaining NF certification, the product, and its manufacturing sites, are continuously audited to ensure a consistent level of quality is maintained throughout the production process, offering consumers the guarantee of a rigorously tested quality control procedure.

This means that the Cali Sense has been tested by VERITAS + LCIE an independent body on safety but also in performance and energy efficiency. So, unlike our competitors that just talk, we prove our performance by independent lab testing.

Theirs is mainly a self-declaration, in most cases, there is no mention to an independent lab test of their products. To obtain an NF 3*** oeil certification there are quite a lot of different tests a product needs to pass. The following are only a few:


NF performance *** testing includes a few endurance tests that demonstrate the quality of the product over time like an aging test of resistance is performed

• Quality of Temperature control:

Characterized by the drift in load and temperature amplitude compliance with the requirements of the LCIE NF Performance specifications require that the electric heater be regulated by a so-called PID regulation: Proportional Integral Derivative.

In the case of the Cali Sense this regulation has been the subject of a very fine adjustment in a bi- climatic chamber specific to the product and adapted to each power. As a result, the Cali Sense benefits from a performance in regulation 2 to 3 times better than the current most demanding standard, see below.

MAX Drift 1K Radiator Cali SENSE (LCIE Test results) 0,47K

MAX Amplitude 0.3K Radiator Cali SENSE (LCIE Test results)0.1K

The “Dynamic Efficiency + Technology” some manufactures claim their radiators can achieve, have an accuracy of +-0,2°C. This is obtained by amplitude. So, this represents an amplitude of 0.4K therefore our Cali Sense is 4 times better. Moreover, there are no real evidence they can support since the performance of the radiators can only be established by an independent testing and not self- declared.

What is Eco Design | Lot 20?

“All local space electric heaters manufactured for sale in the EU after 1st January 2018 which use electricity, or liquid fuels, must comply with a minimum efficiency standard. This includes electric radiators, electric under floor heating and electric and gas fires.”

Lot 20 is the vital part of the new Eco-design legislation which comes into effect from the 1st of January

2018 and will mandate that all electric space heaters, electric radiators comply with a set of minimum efficiency guidelines, and use enhancing features.

The Cali Eco-Sense range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of EcoDesign (2011), provides users with integrated intelligent electric heating control functions which comply with, and indeed exceed, all the requirements of Lot 20. Including but not limited to:

- High accuracy temperature control accurate to within +-0,2°

- Adaptive temperature control and Eco start functionality

24/7 programming functions, and integrated real time energy consumption in each radiator

- Smart Open Window Technology (detecting sudden drops in temperature to avoid energy wastage)

- Presence detection (enabling automated programming for temperature control)

- V27 technology self-programming (drawing on presence detection to calculate and apply most economical/comfortable programming for each users lifestyle)

- Ergonomic digital thermostat design with additional alerts for visual/audible impaired users

- Built in Wifi to enable smartphone app based remote control and monitoring system.

• Adaptive temperature control and Eco start

In the V27 release, we also monitor heat up and cool down time and our optimization function will calculate when we need to start heating to get the room at the right temperature at the right time, this is the OPTIMIZATION function. The Cali Sense has 2 Optimization schemes: OPTI COMFORT to get the temperature reached at the exact time set in the program, and OPTI ECO for additional savings – our competitors have no option for this function.

• Smart open Window Technology:

Has the room got too hot and someone opened a window? Or perhaps someone left the door or a window open without paying attention? Cali Eco Sense will detect the sudden heat loss in its designated area, and if you have enabled the open window detection system, the radiator will automatically turn down the required heating temperature in that room by 1 degree every 20 minutes!

Some of the newer models supplied by our competitors boosts the feature “open windows detection”. The difference between this function on the Cali Sense and other products on the

market is that the accuracy of our “open window detection” has been tested, approved and past By LCIE for NF certification (A+++ Rated).

• Colour changing display:

Some radiators on the market use the color change display as a special end unique feature. This is simply a Graphic Temperature Indication. It’s not unique to their particular model, in the Cali Sense is listed as “Behavioral indicator” Real-Time Energy Use Readout: (see pictures below).

The Cali Sense LCD control screen shows you how many Watts are being used in real-time! As such you can see just how much it costs to turn on one electric radiator, or one zone, or the whole central heating system. With the visual power use display you can see exactly how much power is being consumed. Once each radiator reaches the optimal temperature you will be able to observe the Wattage use drop while it system will continue to radiate heat!

In other words we are so confident of the efficiency of our products that we want you to be able to watch as your heaters keep you warm and save you money!

• Programming, holidays, Child lock

Child Protection, Rental PIN Lock Functions - The Cali Sense has more: Set point limits, user defined, pin lock . PIN lock function also makes our product ideal for holiday lets or other rental solutions as the temperature can be set to a comfortable 21˚C and locked ensuring tenants are comfortable without risking massive fuel costs!

Now, here below 2 important features that most of the radiators on the market do not have:

Presence detection:

Presence Detection Self Learning settings.

Advanced TPI Settings – Self Learning Life Style behaviour. Unoccupied programmed rooms will automatically reduce their temperature to save energy and Money. Why would you heat an empty Room? The perfect solution for Multi occupancy dwellings, School, Offices, Hotels, Holiday Lettings or B&B’s. Creating a controlled Heating environment with the flexibility to override at any time through the PIN locked thermostat.

With our high-performance infrared motion detector, equipped with a Fresnel lens developed specifically for this application, the Cali Sense gradually lowers the set point temperature. This avoids unnecessarily heating unoccupied rooms, saving money without sacrificing Comfort.

• Self-Programming:

The Cali Sense is equipped with the V27 technology and without any prior adjustment the radiator is in learning mode to understand and memorize the behavior of the occupant: periods of absence, presence. The initial learning phase is 7 days minimum but this learning is perpetual, it repeats week after week to understand and optimize.

The intelligent algorithm will, in real time, analyze this information to optimize and adapt the program for the coming weeks. The aim is to simplify life, anticipate comfort needs and generate maximum energy savings. the radiator’s Build in Main Board Processor calculates the best compromise in order to ensure a maximum of comfort in the rise and cool-down phases scheduled.

In this mode, we try to anticipate and maintain the temperature comfort during periods of presence, with an economy up to 30%

No more need for programming, the Radiator does it alone and adapts itself to any life style’s


Building Regs Part L1a and L2a

IntelliHeat systems are composed of individually set and programmed radiators, this ensures full compliance with all zoning requirements of the Building Regs Part L1 and L2.

• Quality and where it’s made:

What is the assembly location of other radiators on the market.

The Cali Sense is designed in Italy with French high tech electronic components. Some companies just mention “design in UK” but nothing about production location… is it made in Europe or in China? Where are their factories located?

• Quality of product component

The Cali Sense is double coated through a process called anaforesis and powders which gives the aluminium maximum protection against paint flaking, yellowing and corrosion, giving the radiator a long lifespan. Most of the radiators on the market although made in aluminum, the material is much thinner, it will be less robust over the time and will provide less comfort heating. A s a comparison, just compare the weight of the radiator. For example, the Cali Sense 1500W is 23Kg while a competitor’s radiator marketed as “made from the best aluminum” Is 16,3 Kg. Light is not always the best, after all. Aluminum, element and fluid of the Cali Sense are of the highest quality, are made in Europe with high level of safety and endurance.

10 year Manufacturer Warranty on the Body and 2 year on electrical components

• The future is efficient, the future is Intelligent, the future is Intelli Heat

The difference between Intelli Heat and the online shops is our passion, we are passionate about the products we deliver, and as such the expertise of our directors, our components suppliers and our product researchers is obvious in the quality of our products.

By consistently working to deliver the most technologically advanced electric heating system on the UK market, and by ensuring every radiator we sell is not only compliant with existing legislation, but also designed with tomorrows standards in mind, we deliver truly future proofed electric radiator systems to the benefit of each of our clients.

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